Every Dog Has It’s Day: Week 4 Underdogs

Every Dog Has It’s Day: Week 4 Underdogs

The match ups in Week 4 are ripe with opportunities for major upsets. Some may be more believable than others but that won’t stop me from identifying what could be the reason certain dogs win the day. Every week there is a story about an underdog that beat ridiculous odds to upset a better opponent, and it’s part of what makes College Football so great. Here are a few match ups where I feel the underdog has a shot of taking down the favorite.

1. Cal over USC

I know I know. USC is a 17 point favorite so what? USC was the 17 point favorite over Texas last week and look how close that one turned out. The Trojans are going on the road for this one and they are facing a Cal team known for a soft defense and a potent offense. Cal is coming off their victory over Ole Miss in a classic #Pac12AfterDark game and will not be intimidated. Sam Darnold is very good at what he does, but if his receivers don’t catch the throws he’s sending their way like they did on Saturday, they could let Cal stay in the game. USC really hasn’t impressed me so far, and the “impressive” win over Stanford lost its luster after Stanford lost to San Diego State. Do I think Cal wins this one? Probably not. Do I think they can? Yes.

2. Toledo over Miami

The line for this game currently sits at -13.5 Miami and that’s probably not a bad line. My biggest caution for Miami is that they haven’t played a game in over 2 weeks and they are facing a Toledo team that knows how to score points. Alright so Toledo hasn’t played that impressive of a schedule. Still, they have 3 games under their belt. Two additional games to gain experience and mesh as a unit while Miami was forced to postpone or cancel due to hurricane Irma. I fully believe Miami takes this gamem but again I could see Toledo stealing this one.

3. Purdue over Michigan

This game has been discussed a lot this week and for good reason. Purdue absolutely spanked SEC East Mizzou on the road. David Blough for the Boilermakers has been downright impressive at QB and this offesne is scoring at a good click. Michigan will not be a easy team to take down and really Michigan hasn’t shown exactly what its capable of. Plus the further into the season we get the more experience their young defense gains. The Wolverines are on the road for this one and Purdue is chomping at the bit to upset the #8 team in the country. Line is -10 Michigan and I could see Purdue winning.


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