What. A. Weekend.

Going into Week 3 and looking at the game slate there really weren’t many games that jumped out to me as ones that would A.) be entertaining and B.) be close. Boy was I wrong. Lots happened this weekend and multiple games were high in entertainment value. Here is your Hubcap of some of the biggest games.

Tennessee Vs. Florida

This game began as a glorified pillow fight. Neither team really looked like they wanted to score for the first 45 minutes of this one. There were some very questionable goal line calls by Butch Jones which ultimately lost them the game. With 5 minutes left in this game, Kelly out of Tennessee went off and brought the Volunteers within 3. With 50 seconds left Tennessee tied the game. Florida got the ball and managed to pull off a crazy Hail Mary throw to a receiver that got behind the Tennessee defense. If you are Tennessee what are you doing letting a receiver get behind you on a pretty clear Hail Mary play? Again this one looked like both teams were sleep walking through most of it before their offenses woke up.

Mississippi State vs. LSU

In one of the best upsets of the weekend. Mississippi State essentially pounded LSU into submission. Ed O should just avoid Starkville moving forward (his last game as Ole Miss head coach was there). The Bulldogs shut down a still one dimensional LSU offense and in a weird turn of events look like the number 2 team in the SEC West (yes, really).

USC Vs Texas

Sam Ehlinger is a gamer for Texas. He really is. He has a bright future at Texas, nearly led a huge upset, but I don’t think USC played well at all. Sam Darnold’s receivers were hit in the hands repeatedly with the ball and just didn’t back up their QB until the last few seconds of each half. The Texas defense looked good, but again if the USC receiving corps doesn’t stone hand passes, 2 of Texas’ picks don’t happen. Also, look at what happened to Stanford this weekend. They got beat by San Diego State. USC is a good team, but I caution Longhorn fans who believe that they are back after a close fought loss.

Clemson Vs Louisville

This one is short and sweet. Clemson defense is superior to the reigning Heisman winner. To me this was a must win for Jackson if he hoped to repeat as Heisman. Clemson is scary good. Their defense is scary good. They have a rising star at QB. I don’t think anyone can stop them this year.

Ole Miss Vs Cal

Weird things happen after dark on the west coast. Ole Miss has nothing to lose this year thanks to a self imposed bowl ban, and they do return a good offense. This game was set up to be a shootout between 2 teams with no defense and solid offense. Cal was missing their best RB and still took it to Ole Miss. I wouldn’t want to play any games on the west coast this year. Weird things have happened every week.

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