What did we learn? Week 3

What did we learn? Week 3

In What Did We Learn? I’ll be covering the key things we learned from each weekend of College Football. As I mentioned in the Hubcap, Week 3 turned into a very entertaining weekend of Football. It truly was the weekend of the underdogs and we began to see who was for real and who has been pretending.

So what did we learn?

1. There has to be something in the waters at Memphis.

For the past 3 years, the Tigers have upset a favorite at home. Their latest victim is UCLA and Josh Rosen. Even with another monster performance from Rosen, UCLA couldn’t finish the Tigers off.

2. LSU hasn’t changed

New coach, same issues. Once again LSU is showcasing a one dimensional offense featuring a strong RB. What was missing Saturday was their strong defense. Mississippi State absolutely embarrassed the Tigers in Starkville and made them look pedestrian. This puts Mississippi State squarely in second in the SEC West. I’m sure everyone saw that coming.

3. The SEC could replace 4 or 5 ehad coaches this year

Kevin Sumlin is struggling to make average game day decisions and blew a huge lead to UCLA. Gus Malzhan can’t keep his hands off the offense and Auburn’s offense looks like a shell of its former self. Bret Bielema desperately needs a win over Texas A&M to settle the Arkansas fan base after their loss at home to TCU. Butch Jones literally coached Tennessee to a loss this past weekend and hasn’t been able to help them take that next step. Bottom line it doesn’t look pretty for head men across the league.

4. The Big 12 actually has a pulse

Between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State the Big 12 has signs of life for the off season. Both teams are being led by Heisman level QBs and have torched competition. Okalhoma State has a challenge with TCU this weekend but with the way Rudolph is playing I don’t think it will matter. Heck even Texas showed signs of life against a USC team led by another Heisman level QB. So much for the basement conference.

5. Just don’t play on the road on the west coast.

Bad things happen to teams that travel to Pac 12 territory for #Pac12afterdark. Just ask Texas A&M and Ole Miss. In other Pac 12 after dark action, the Arizona schools drop games to San Diego State, who looks decent actually, and Houston. With how these night games have gone, I wouldn’t be surprised to see weird results in the Oregon vs ASU or Stanford vs UCLA games.



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