What I’m Watching: Week 3

What I’m Watching: Week 3

Admittedly Week 3 doesn’t have quite the same level of match-ups that we have seen in weeks 0, 1, and 2 but hey, it’s still College Football and any weekend with College Football is a good one. Be sure to check out my Week 3 Picks for all 65 FBS games this weekend. Now here is a look at the games I’ll be watching this weekend.

New Mexico Vs. Boise State Thursday 7pm (ct)

Well for one thing, this is the only FBS game on tonight. Aside from that Boise State is always a fun one to watch. They took Washington State to the wire last week and absolutely controlled the line of scrimmage. They are favored by a comfortable 15 so this may not pan out to be a close game, but hey its still College Football.

Illinois Vs. South Florida Friday 6pm  (ct)

How can you not want Charlie Strong to succeed? Alright so there are reasons why you wouldn’t want him to, but there’s a College Football game on Friday and of the 3 this is the best one to watch. USF had to cancel their last match-up due to hurricane Irma making a mess in Florida. With their remaining schedule and talent on the team they should be able to get to a nice bowl game this year. Also how great is it that Strong didn’t need to learn a new hand sign? That’s just convenient.

Michigan Vs. Pitt Saturday 11am (ct)

First match-up of the day I’ll be watching really isn’t a nail biter. Pitt had an okay (I guess) showing against a very solid Penn State team and looks to bounce back against a Michigan team coming off a cupcake win. Okay maybe Cinnci isn’t a cupcake but Michigan handled them easily. I’m watching to see if this young Michigan defense continues to mature and improve on the field before the meat of their schedule comes. Plus Jim Harbaugh is just entertaining to watch on the sidelines with his glasses and khakis.

Texas A&M Vs. ULaLa Saturday 11am (ct)

On the surface this looks like a classic “large program buys a win” type game but with the way A&M handled Nichols State last week this game could be interesting. ULL has put on some promising offensive performances in their first two games and Texas A&M has allowed opposing offenses to wrack up the yards. Ultimately I think A&M gets it together and beats a team they have no business losing to, but this is College Football so anything could happen.

Tennessee Vs. Florida 

This match-up is arguably the best of the weekend. This rivalry has become a fun one every year and this one will be no different. Both teams are down a handful of players for various reasons and the SEC East is still very wide open. Until last year, Florida had won this match-up 11 times in a row. Will they take it back? Have they found any kind of offense? Thats why I watch the game.


LSU at Mississippi State

This game is an interesting match in the SEC West. LSU has put its hopes on the back of Derrius Guice (and rightfully so). Starkville is an intimidating environment to play in with it incessant cowbell ringing but LSU plays in Death Valley so noise is really no concern. If Mississippi State is able to slow down LSU’s rushing attack they might have a shot in this one. Might.

Texas at USC

Aw yes, the rematch of the 2005 national championship game which apparently never happened? There is no doubt the talking heads are going to be gushing over this one and maybe they have a case. Herman is an impressive 11 – 0 in ranked underdog games and just last year he lead Houston to a win over Louisville when they were 17 point dogs. That’s great and all, but this is the same Texas team that let Maryland walk into their stadium and embarrass them in their season opener. Not to mention Sam Darnold is kinda good at football and the USC attack is well balanced and scary. First half may be close, but second half is going to get ugly.

Ole Miss at Cal

This is a set up for a classic PAC 12 after dark game. Ole Miss is fresh off their COI hearings for their NCAA violations, they have nothing to gain/lose, and are going on the road to face a Cal team that just lost their starting RB. If I’m being honest I probably won’t make it to the end of this one, but I’m sure I’ll wake up to some great headlines about this one. Pac 12 after dark hasn’t let us down so far this year with UCLA’s comeback and Arizona State collapse.


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