What I’m Watching: Week 4

What I’m Watching: Week 4

Week 3 turned out to be an awesome weekend for College Football with plenty of unexpected performances; both good and bad. Week 4 is shaping up to be even better with a very loaded game slate. We have a few teams pushing for a top 10 spot, a few coaches coaching for their jobs, and teams looking for redemption after a rough week 3. I know I’ll be glued to my TV(s) pretty much all day Saturday but hey, you probably will be too. Here is how I plan on enjoying another great weekend of College Football.

USF Vs. Temple Thursday 6:30 (CT)

Love me some Thursday night appetizers. Nothing quite filled me up like Tuesday night MACtion though. USF is off to a strong start to the season behind an electric QB and big defensive front. Charlie Strong has got to be pleased with how his new team is performing given what happened last time he took over a team (sorry Longhorns). The thing working against USF is their strength of schedule which really isn’t filled with many more tough match ups. USF needs to get their special teams play in order for their best shot at a New Years 6 bowl. Seriously how can one team be blocked to frequently?

Virginia Vs. Boise State Friday 7:00 (CT)

Like I said last week, Boise State is just fun to watch. They face a little stiffer competition this week in Virginia but I like their chances. Besides, when College Football is on you have to watch it. This will be a nice game to ease you into the loaded Saturday game slate. Plus it ends early enough so you’ll be fully awake and ready to go when ESPN College Game Day kicks off from Times Square (What? Why?).

Texas A&M Vs. Arkansas Saturday 11:00 (CT)

This match up has been a very close, physical game since Texas A&M joined the SEC. This year is extra special because both head coaches have their butts firmly planted on the hotseat. Kevin Sumlin led the Aggies to an epic collapse against UCLA in their season opener and then slept walk through two cupcake match ups. Bret Beilema led Arkansas to a pretty embarrassing loss to TCU at home. Neither team has a solid OL. Both teams need this win. Which coaches seat will be hotter after this one? Trick question. They both will.

Pitt Vs. Georgia Tech Saturday 11:20 (CT)

Pitt is seeking redemption after their embarrassing performance against Oklahoma State last weekend and is hoping to turn their season around. Georgia Tech and their triple option attack are coming off a forced BYE week due to the hurricane and are looking to pick back up where they left off. Pitt struggled mightily to stop Mason Rudolph so it will be interesting to see how they handle the triple option.

Alabama Vs. Vanderbilt Saturday 2:30 (CT)

Classic case of David Vs. Goliath. Pretty much nobody thinks Vanderbilt can win this one but how fun would it be if they did? Sure it would be terrible for the SEC overall but it would be so good for College Football. You gotta love an underdog story and Derek Mason has this Vanderbilt team playing solid football. Ultimately I think the talent and size of Alabama wins out but part of me will be routing for the Commodores.

TCU Vs. Oklahoma State Saturday 2:30 (CT)

The best game of the weekend. Period. So why the heck is College Game Day going to Times Square? Probably just money related which I get, but come on. This match up between #16 and #6 has the makings of a great one and gives Rudolph a chance to move himself to the front of the Heisman conversation. TCU still has to prove that they are the real deal after giving up 36 to SMU. I think this is Rudolph’s game to shine and blow TCU out of the water. Should be a good one to watch.

USC Vs. Cal Saturday 2:30 (CT)

I’ll be watching this one very passively since there are better games on, but I am still curious. I enjoy watching Darnold play. His release is quick and he is very accurate. All that said I don’t think USC is as great as a package as the national media has made them be. They have struggled to put teams away and their “impressive” win over Stanford doesn’t look so impressive after Stanford performance. Cal took down Ole Miss this past weekend and I could see a scenario where they do the same to USC.

Oklahoma Vs. Baylor Saturday 5:00 (CT)

This is another one I’m watching because of the upset potential. I really really really don’t believe that Baylor can pull off the upset, but they do have their lead rusher returning for this one. Mayfield has been unstoppable but I could see a situation where Oklahoma enters this one unprepared. Besides its about that time of year for the Big 12 to lose games they shouldn’t.

Mississippi State Vs. Georgia Saturday 6:00 (CT)

Are the Bulldogs legit contenders? They sure look like it after they embarrassed LSU this past weekend. Fitzgerald is as solid of a QB there is in the SEC and the State defense looks salty. Georgia is no slouch either but with their marquee win being over a (in my opinion) overrated Notre Dame team, I don’t think we have seen what Georgia is fully made of yet. This will be a game that shows us who in the SEC will step up to the upper level.

Notre Dame Vs. Michigan State Saturday 7:00 (CT)

I said it before so I’ll say it again. I think Notre Dame is overrated and Brian Kelly’s time there is coming to an end. Michigan State really hasn’t played anyone of note yet this year so they are effectively an unknown. This game will show us if MSU can contend in the already strong BIG 10 this year and it will show us if Notre Dame can bounce back.

UCLA Vs. Stanford Saturday 9:30 (CT)

The #Pac12AfterDark game of the week in my opinion. Both teams are coming off of surprising and disappointing losses to teams they should have beat. I could see this game going either way. If Stanford fails to establish its run game its in trouble. If UCLA can’t protect Rosen then they are in trouble. This game will be a nice cherry on top of a hopefully great day of College Football.

Any games you think I am missing? What are your thoughts on this weeks games? Let me know!


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